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Natron Air
619 Funny River Rd.
Soldotna, AK 99669













Custom Flights Across Alaska


Located at the Soldotna Airport, we are well positioned for destinations all over south-central Alaska and beyond. Contact us for pricing and availability. We operate two Aircraft, the GA-8 Airvan, and the Aerostar 601P Superstar 700--the fastest piston twin on the planet.

We fly state wide.
Pilot Point-$3600.00,
King Salmon-$2700.00,
Cold Bay-$7500.00
Dutch Harbor-10,500
Port Alsworth-$1500.00

Anchorage International $187.00 per seat, 4 seat minimum. (call to see about joining others to make the 4 seat minimum.)

Our Planes:

GA-8 Airvan
The SUV of the skies!

GA-8 Airvan

The GA-8 Airvan is the SUV of the skies.  With its wide cabin, aisle for easy access to all seats, and large windows.  There are over 200 Airvan’s operating.  Tough as nails construction. Airvan exceeds the highest safety requirements in the world. Tim, your Pilot, has more hours flying the Airvan than any one in the world.

We were one of the first in Alaska to equip our Aircraft with the best safety equipment, including T-CAS, (Traffic Collision Avoidance System), & ADS-B, ((Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast), radar for traffic, weather, important notices about airports or any area).

The huge windows are designed for photography, and are excellent for viewing the beauty Alaska has.  The Airvan will comfortably carry 7 passengers up to 1300 pounds.

The Aerostar 601P Superstar 700

Fastest Piston Twin on the Planet.


The Aerostar is a mid-wing cantilever monoplane powered by two wing-mounted turbo-charged piston engines, with a tricycle landing gear. It is fitted with luxury accommodation for six. (5 passengers very comfortable, 6 passengers-3 are snuggled together on one couch.)

Tim is your Captain with over 16,000 thousand hours flying the Alaskan Wilderness. His ratings include Airline Transport Pilot/Multi & Single Engine Land and Sea.

Tim is very excited to meet you and show you the awesome beauty of Alaska!




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